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With Perl embedded into the Apache server, mod_perl can offer unprecedented performance increases with dynamic content. mod_perl can be enabled from our control panel on both our shared and dedicated plans, so you're no longer restricted to paying for a dedicated server in order to enjoy the benefits of mod_perl. The control panel also allows you to start and stop your mod_perl server as well as view detailed information about the state of the mod_perl server.

Advantages of our mod_perl setup
Easy Setup
One click from within our admin control panel will setup and configure a separate proxied mod_perl server for any domain on the machine. The domain owner is then free to edit the mod_perl startup file to load whichever applications they wish to run under mod_perl environment.

Each mod_perl server is a separate server running as the domain owner. With this setup, any bugs in a web application will be limited to just the mod_perl server, and will not affect any other domain on the server. Also, each mod_perl server can have custom limits in place to make sure it doesn't consume too much in the way of resources.

Each mod_perl server is automatically added to our system monitor. The mod_perl server will be checked every minute to make sure it is responsive. Should it prove un-responsive, the mod_perl server will automatically be restarted and a tech will be notified. All our servers are fully managed.

mod_perl servers use up a lot of memory. With the dual server setup we use, you only need a fraction of the memory compared to a single server setup.