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hosting features

We are a linux based web host. We serve websites that are written in HTML, PHP and Perl including WordPress and other content management systems.. All hosting plans come with the following features:

Your Own Domain Name
Email Set-up
POP, IMAP and Webmail
Free inclusion in Santa Fe Net Directory
Assistance with Google Analytics
CGI-BIN & Formmail
PHP 5.x, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
Perl, Mod_Perl, FastCGI
MySQL 5.x, 8.0
Server Side Includes Server Aliases
Redirected Domains
Email Domain Aliases
Incremental Backups
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
SSH Telnet Access (upon request only)
Control Panel
FTP access
• Multiple FTP account(s)
• Unlimited FTP Access
File Manager
Email Manager
• Anti-Virus
• Auto Responders
• Email forwarding and aliasing
• Spam Filtering
• Whitelisting
Multiple Stats Programs
• Multiple Stats Users
• Access to Raw Log Files (both access log and error log)
Cron Job Manager
Password Protected Directories
About PCI Compliance

WordPress hosting includes Nginx and Redis caching.