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search engine optimization

At studio x, we believe that no site is ever complete without Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Before beginning a new website, we spend time talking with you about your desired keywords & keyword phrases. We then do keyword research to recommendation the best possible choices for you.
These keywords are so important, they may even be built in to the foundation of your site.

We will uniquely Optimize each page of your website. WE DO NOT USE DEFAULT META TITLES & TAGS THAT YOU SEE ON SO MANY WEBSITES. It is also possible to adjust these words after several months of analysis OR if you decide to shift the focus of your business.

If you have an existing site that you would like to have optimized by studio x, we prefer that you establish a long tern relationship with us, such as hosting & maintenance as well. It is often difficult to optimize a site that has been built cheaply or with older technology and results can be less favorable due to these factors. If you'd like to join up with studio x hosting and/or maintenance, we will also put your site in the SantaFe.Net Directory of Websites for added value.

We will also encourage you to take advantage of our expertise with the Social Media Networks to increase your website ranking.