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Since 1993, studio x, inc. Santa Fe has been creating "user friendly" websites, relying on the highest level of intuitive design to connect our clients with their worldwide markets. Drawing on our extensive experience, we provide you with an easy-to-use shopping cart, online store, eCommerce system that works smoothly for both the purchaser and the seller.

studio x will enable your website to securely:
  • accept credit cards & PayPal on-line
  • sell as many products as you wish
  • provide on-line registration for events
  • accept donations for non-profit organizations
  • provide access to downloadable files for sale
Online Stores
We've got the perfect eCommerce solution for online stores. It's a combination of our Content Management System interfacing seamlessly with the shopping cart. You easily manage adding, modifying and deleting product images, descriptions, cost & availability.

For New or Existing Websites
Our ecommerce system is a proven success. It works with any browser, ensures secure transactions between you and your customers, and interfaces equally well in perl, php, generic html and other coding system you may be running.

Integrated Real Time Payment Processing
We currently support AuthorizeNet, PayPal and PayPalPro(formerly Verisign), LinkPoint, SecurePay, GlobalPayment, and TransFirst gateway payment systems. If you're processor isn't in the list, we can integrate them to our ecommerce system.

If you don't already have a merchant account, we may recommend a real time processor that other clients are successfully using at a very good rate.

Accommodate your shipping methods
We'll utilize almost any shipping method you currently use. You may even have items that require different shipping methods. We support custom shipping tables as well as live shipping rates from UPS, USPS, FedEx and ABF.

Inventory Control
We can follow your allotted inventory and make automatic updates to it when a sale occurs.

Promotional Discount Codes
Our system can also accommodate seasonal & special discounts with timed promotional codes.

We will customize the colors, fonts, graphics and text and behavior of your shopping cart so that the visual transition from your website to your shopping cart on the secure server is seamless.

SSL Cert & Encryption
Clients using our ecommerce system receive free use of our SSL certificate and encryption.

Set-up starts at: $200.
Additional of PayPal: add $50 to set-up fee.
Coding items in existing site: studio x will train your webmaster or do it for you, both at our current hourly rate.

Check out samples of sites using the studio x shopping cart. See how easy it is to purchase from these sites.

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studio x is the serious provider of eCommerce solutions for those who already have a merchant account or are in the process of opening one. If you are ready to go live with sales on the web, give us a call at 505.438.0505 or email: and we will gracefully guide you through the process.